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Thread: Any good clip-art collections available.

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    Any good clip-art collections available.

    Hi I wanted to knwo if there are any good collections of Clip art on Cd ROms. Well I would give more priority to high quality images/clipart rather that having some billions of unappealing images. I hope the collection is availabe in many coutnries otherwise I can't afford buying from some site like Amazon.com

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    try this one for both free and paid stuff....some high quality 3d's and some lower quality free clipart in 2d. they don't offer cd-rom's that i noticed though, just stuff on their site.


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    Here is one that we started using and we love them so far.


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    as cheesy as it sounds if you are looking for professional looking imges, microsoft offices has plenty of free ones you can download from their online database. you wouldnt except it from them, but they do have some very nice photos for clip art to use.

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