I don't know what I am doing wrong, or maybe it just can't be done, but I have tried everything. I tried using meta tags to clear cache, and several scripts that just didn't work out.

I have an email list subscribe form on the main page of a website.
On submit, it goes to a "thankyou confirmation" page, that pages has a "Go Back" button, that works.
It could also be a absolute url to go to instead of back, whichever will work!
When it goes back, the email address is still in the form field!

How do I get rid of that? It seems easy enough, but I can't figure it out.

Is it some lame feature of my browser to save the form data? If so, can I force it to purge that data?

You will be my best friend forever if you can end my suffering! TRhanks in Advance!