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Thread: Detecting page load errors after window.open

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    Detecting page load errors after window.open

    I have a page that lists links to files on the clients local network, and when clicked on, the link launches a new browser window using

    <script language='JavaScript'>
    function openLocalFile( fileName )
    var hwin = window.open( fileName, etc, etc );

    // Insert some sort of test here to check if the page loaded or if
    // an error was encountered loading the page.


    <a href='#' onClick='javascript: openLocalFile("H:\directory\somefile.txt"); return false;'>Click to view</a>

    I would like to be able to check if the window.open actually opened the document, or if a "The page cannot be displayed" error or such has been encountered. Ideally, then I could return my own error page so I can display a more informative message that fits the look and feel of my site.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Never mind ... it seems the window object has an onError method that allows you to specify a function to run in the event that an error occurs loading the page.

    hwin = window.open( fileName, etc, etc );

    hwin.onError = alert('The specified file was not found. Has it been renamed or removed?');

    Obviously you can put in a better handler than the one I chose for this reply.

    Sorry to have bothered you.

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    Okay, I feel silly for reopening the question. It seems my onError stuff gets run all the time, and not just on an error.

    Shamefully defeated.

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