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Thread: Link show up different color than I specified!

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    Question Link show up different color than I specified!

    I created my site in Dreamweaver MX. When I first created the link attributes in the page properties section I specified purple. I have since gone back and changed the link colors. All my other pages show the new colors, but this page still shows up purple. I have checked the code and the page properties, have highlighted and changed manually and it always shows up the new link color. However, when I view the site in explorer, the ONE page still has purple links. What am I missing? Any suggestions? I had to post the site and it is frustrating me that one page has these darn purple links and I can't figure out why! Plus, they are hard to see on the background color. HELP!

    OH! When I view the page in Dreamweaver the links look correct. They only show up wrong when I view it in explorer!

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    Lose Dreamweaver or at least don't use its design mode.

    If you want help, we'll need to see the X/HTML and CSS.

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    Try redoing all the links and uploading them again.

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