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Thread: return page linking issue

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    return page linking issue

    I have a page that links to an apache server page and on that page is a "parent directory" link that, when clicked links me back to my index.html page inside a frame...so i have a shrunken image of my website in my main page...is there a way to prevent this?

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    I know this isn't really a solution to your current problem (I'm sure someone will come along with a quick javascript for frame control), but really, don't use frames. As a user, I have to tell you...when I see a page with frames, I'll usually just leave without checking their content or anything. I can't stand them. They're irritating to use, and not just to me...screen readers (browsers that read the contents of a page) don't like frames too much, and textual browsers don't like frames. Also, what of bookmarking a page, or linking to a page? You'll always get the defaults. Includes are a much better solution.

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