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Thread: My 1st Website Design

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    My 1st Website Design

    Did this for a friend who is just starting in real estate. One thing that I notice is it does not display the same in Mozilla as in IE....mainly the navigational menu is placed too low below the banner in Mozilla. I would want it to look like it doe sin IE. Also the contact form does not work, will need some help on that. Thank you all for suggestions/corrections.


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    I'd go for a completely different colour scheme, bright pastel colours are a lot more pleasant to look at in comparison with those dark yellows that TBH look a bit too much like vomit. Try to make text black (or v.close) with a white background (or v.close), it'll make it easier for people to read especially those with less-than-perfect eyesight.

    Avoid centering large amounts of text like that, it's fine for headings and stuff but when it's overused it looks tacky and unproffesional.

    You're form points to http://......... so it's no suprise that it doesn't work, you'll need it pointing to a functioning form handler.

    I'd distinguish you're external links from internal ones in your navigation and I wouldn't have them opening in frames like that either. It gives the impression that you are snatching content from other sites and I know that's not the impression you want to give.

    From a technical point of view:
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    I can get to any site (provided it's up), but when I tried to go to yours, I kept getting an unable to connect message. Did you take it down for updates/enhancements?
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    No, I did not take the site down. I just calle dthe hosting company, 1and1.com, and it's a problem on their end. DDOS (distr denial of service: someone attacking an ip address)

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    I (any many others) don't like having to scroll horizontally. If you must use tables for layout , use percentages for width, where possible, to give a more fluid layout. Don't like the photo top left, reminds me of Tony Blair
    I like the tips & links, but keep the two as separate lists, but not the color scheme (as someone else pointed out), it is difficult for some to read.

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