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Thread: Email add wont show up in form.pls help

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    Email add wont show up in form.pls help


    I would appreciate any help on the following:

    I have a website which contains a simple one box window for a person to enter their email address to subscribe to our newsletter.

    After the visitor inputs their address and hits submit, the email is sent to my hosting company which uses formmail. Everything is fine except when i check the email there is no email address in the "From" box and thus I can't send an autoreply to the sender. I do get the email address in the body.

    Can anyone help with this? Thank you.

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    You'll have to read formmail's documentation. I believe for formmail you just need to name the field email, but you'll have to check...

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    Thanks Pyro

    You were right - the email tag in required and it is now working.

    Here is a brief description and the tag in case anyone else needs it.

    Description: This form field will allow the user to specify their return e-mail address. If you want to be able to return e-mail to your user, I strongly suggest that you include this form field and allow them to fill it in. This will be put into the From: field of the message you receive. If you want to require an email address with valid syntax, add this field name to the 'required' field.

    <input type=text name="email">


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