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Thread: How to make a horizontal scrollbar in select box?

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    Question How to make a horizontal scrollbar in select box?

    Hi, all

    I make a multiple selectbox , I hope to add horizontal scroll bar to it.

    <select name="select" style="width:80" multiple size="3">

    I looked up in the css-sheet reference, but can not find the answer.

    How can I do it with javascript?(if you know some special parameters in css-sheet, please also tell me)


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    You should be able to do it like this:

    <select name="select" style="width:80px; overflow:scroll;" multiple size="3">
    Mozilla supports it, but IE and Opera don't seem to.

    By the way you had some invalid CSS in there, you need a unit after the width:80 bit, if the value is anything other than 0. Any complient browser will ignore your width command otherwise.

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    hi, Thank you for your reply.

    I tried it before, but it does not work for 'select' (for <div> it is works, but also only vertical scroll )

    do you have some other ideas?

    Many Thanks

    by the way, Netscape 4.75 does not support '80px' of 'select'
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