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Thread: Running ASP with Databases locally not on Inernet

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    Running ASP with Databases locally not on Inernet

    Just wondering if you can run IIS and ASP using Access as my default database connection.

    I dont want to run online but offline using IIS. Also my main reason for asking is (I personally have it) but if someone I am giving my program to does not have any database software installed can you still use access drivers or my program at all.

    Basically I am creating a local web based program with data access but dont have MSAccess installed, will this work?

    Thanks in advanced

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    Thats an interesting question. I have not thought about it much in the past.

    Without explicitely knowing, I would think that you could infact manipulate an MS Access database programmatically without actually having MS Access installed on your machine.

    You would definately need the drivers, though. Microsoft's MDAC, or Microsoft Data Access Components, or the Jet engine (bundled with IIS) could be sufficient.


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    I know the answer from a personnel test lol.

    I have access on my work machine as well as on my 2 pc at home.

    My dads pc does not so he wanted to see why the ppl wanted to employ me so i showed him it works perfectly fine i gather because it is using the jet database component.

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    thanks alot I have tested and it does work after I uninstalled Access on my machine, still does not guaranteed to work because I would like to include all file necessary to run the program

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    how is it not guaranteed to work?
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