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Thread: Sorting a list?

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    Sorting a list?

    is it possible to display names from a plain txt file and sort them alphabetically by surname? or just alphabetically as they stand? They are stored in a text file like so:

    John Smith
    Joe Brown
    Ben Straw


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    You can sort them however you wish, after a little manipulation. I might go about it like this:
    use strict;
    use warnings FATAL => 'all';
    chomp(my @names = <DATA>);
    my %names;
    for (@names) {
        my($fn, $ln) = split;
        push @{$names{$ln}}, $fn;
    undef @names;
    for my $ln (sort keys %names) {
        push @names, "$_ $ln" for sort @{$names{$ln}};
    print join("\n", @names);
    John Smith
    Joe Brown
    Ben Straw

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