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Thread: Problems with flash site- Please help...

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    Problems with flash site- Please help...

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry to be a pest, but I'm having a whole load of trouble with my website.


    It's a largely flash based site, that runs fine on any PC. However, I'm having lots of reports from Mac users (and having the same problem myself on my DP 2.0 G5), Using Safari and Firefox.

    What happens is, uite simply, the website locks up Safari or Firefox. It must be flash causing the problem as the movies freeze, and will only play when the mouse button is held down.

    Nothing is clickable, and users have to force quit.

    The site will run perfectly on IE on a mac.... But I really want it to work on everything...

    I've had problems on everything from a Mac Mini, through to dual engine G5.

    I'm hoping that some of you will know more than I do on this matter and offer up any suggestions? I'm getting frustrated by my viewers having problems....



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    If the file size is large it will cause problems. Flash plays differently on Macs - its dependent on processor speed.

    Although if it works on I.E. this might not be the problem...

    Also, I see you need to validate your code >>> http://validator.w3.org/
    I.E. might be letting things play that safari won't.

    Good luck and I like your prints!

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    Me too! Reminds me of Gorrilaz (which I am quite fond of )

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    Hi -
    Me likey your work very, very much!
    [If I recommend you, is Mysterious Al what I give as a name?]

    The site design is fantastic...only wish you had more css experience so tables could be gone [unless there's data or something to display]. One thing that screws up a site-browser relationship is the wrong or a missing !DOCTYPE. It sends some into Quirks Mode & usually breaks the layout...

    Not sure if it's that or the Flash that's messing w/ the Macs.

    Good luck,
    F-fox 2.0 :: US :: el design site :: 768 kbps :: WIN

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    Hello again-

    sorry for the late response.... Apparently it's a Firefox problem, and I was totally imagining any Safari Issues!

    So it's all down to Firefox to sort it out! (nudge nudge! )

    Many thanks for the help, and for the kind words!


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