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Thread: Html Image Place Holder

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    Html Image Place Holder

    Hello all,

    Greetings from Scotland. I am using MSWindowsXP Pro + DWMX200 making html page

    I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to put an image place holder on the page for a swap image that does not stretch the viewed images on the browser.

    I have a main image 400x400 px on the left and a table with 6 thumbnails 80x80 px on the right. I want to crop images on one dimension to 400px or for thumbnails 80px but when viewed on the browser I do not want them to stretch to fit the placeholders.


    James Oliver

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    Images used as backgrounds of block elements will be cropped to the size of the element and will not be stretched. Therefore I'd recommend you do that with divs, maybe a list for the thumbs.
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