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Thread: 2 divs on the same line: alternatives to 'float' and tables?

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    2 divs on the same line: alternatives to 'float' and tables?

    Hi, a very straight forward question:
    I need to put 2 divs on the same line (meaning 1 beside the other). The obvious - and this is what I have done so far - is to use the css 'float' attribute, like 'float: left'. An alternative would be to use a table, and put the 2 divs in 2 adjacent td.
    Now I have the problem (would be too long to explain, so just believe me), that I can't use 'float', and I am not allowed to use tables for layout purposes. So the question is: are there any other ways to accomplish this task, other than using floats and tables?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions

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    Absolute positioning

    [edit]Sometimes the explanation - rather than 'just believe me' can come in really handy. I'm guessing this thread on another forum is about the same thing? I think you're answer's there.
    Having said that - it would be better if you showed people the page - then it's easier to help you.[/edit]

    [note-to-mods]Can't you do something with edit tags?[/note-to-mods]

    [edit]...and maybe 'note-to-mods' tags too.[/edit]
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