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Thread: Flash email forms

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    Flash email forms

    new site offering flash and php email forms for mostly new webmaster and peronal sites. please review http://flashmailforms.com

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    Cool idea for a site mate. Interesting stuff you have there.

    The web site design on the other hand. I would strongly suggest making those borders thinner, make'em 1 pixcel and tone down the colour to maybe #303030 instead of jet-black. The menu background picture and menu text does not match up. The yellow highlight is not so great either.

    Keep working on it mate. Good work.

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    Table based layout. CSS that is defined within the page instead of externally linked to. The quality of your graphics needs to go up quite a bit too.

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    dobson ave.
    Hi -
    'Home' had twice the ads and half the content...
    why not feature your most popular form design there, too?
    [Agree that the yellow is useless - in the graphics and as a
    rollover color for links.] Think if you want people to stay a minute, you'd have to get a more easily identifiable header image/logo and make the first page visually appealing, in general.

    On the bright side: at least you've used plenty of padding so that
    the text doesn't seem squashed.

    Useful service, but needs snazzing-up,

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