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Thread: ponderous

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    Jan 2003
    Jersey Girl


    okay... this is the unofficial and temporary home of those who don't mind inane chatter
    (formerly located at:

    Anyway... that's why this thread exists (for now).
    And... aside from the inane chatter of those from the old thread, we plan on creating a communal and irrelevant and non-serious website devoted to not being relevant or serious (constructed by the twisted - and positive - minds of those who haunt this very forum).

    So... you either get it, or you don't... so please don't feel obligated to participate... but... definitely always feel welcome to do so

    All open and warped minds are welcome.
    PLUS - and pay special attention to this Havik! - if you know any really cool music... we really want you to contribute!

    i'll just let this thread take-on it's own form from here.
    i'll catch up with this later.

    dangerous... but not serious...
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    Oh! You are just setting up the stage, and letting everyone else make a fool of themselves, huh. You first, OK.
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    Jan 2003
    This is a WebDev forum, but the other post wasn't deleted, so I guess they don't mind too much... Programmers like to have fun, too! Okay, www.dancetech.com has tons of MP3s that are really great. (Let me explain: Click on the "Music" button on the top frame to your right after the page loads, then you can search for music or click on the select box to choose a type of music.)

    Um... I still have no earthly idea what the site should look like... I--uh--really---umm.... need to, uh, know--what it, uh, should... Umm... look--look like?
    Visit Slightly Remarkable to see my portfolio, resumé, and consulting rates.
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    Gday All,

    I feel that I had a part in creating this insanity after I altered the mineds of web programmers with the idea of a money tree. Which then created a debate that turned sour, which has now ended up here.

    And its great to be here, How about we go for a different approach on greating this site, example. Lets decide on the title first, then relavent colors for the site, then style and choice of coding.

    I still like the title, RUNNING WITH PASTE Its a twist on the original saying and its a reminder on how it all started.

    Ill stop here and wait for more posts.
    Last edited by Chopper WeeD; 04-10-2003 at 01:51 AM.
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    Jefferson City, MO
    RUNNING WITH PASTE would be a cool title for the site and you're right CW, it will remind us all of our 'roots'. ha ha.

    as for as color/design.. i think it needs to be fun yet not obnoxious... and can we try to find a location that doesn't have 20 popups upon entering, please.

    btw, Jona.. i have looked around in your files and found a cool toy (3d graphic maker), that is really neat. I'm also sorry for not getting back with you, i have been looking, just not sharing. I, like Khaki, have several projects going right now and I'm trying to find time for everything... so I will be glad to help with whatever

    Oh yeah, one last note.. i was also thinking that maybe we do need to add a disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that the facts seen are not actual statistical data and are solely based on opinions... it would be horrible if some student trying to find stats to back up a theory used our site for a basis. LOL!! then again, it would also be hilarious!!!!

    and for those of you who haven't seen me around... sorry.. you are cursed with another rambler (Khaki is my hero! )
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    Mar 2003
    Jefferson City, MO
    Sorry for the two replies in a row thing but... i just thought of something..

    If the title is RUNNING WITH PASTE.... we could use the colors off the Elmer's glue bottle... it was the most famous paste to eat when i was in school! ha ha. but honestly, that could be an option....
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    Mar 2003
    Australia, NSW
    Had a look for Elmers, which I found.
    Elmers Washable Paste

    I also went looking for Clag Glue, an Australian Brand. Wird enough I found this
    Glue Eating Form Results

    But worse was the first result listed for Clag
    Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS)
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    WOW! I've been reading some of the 'glueeaters' comments on the Glue Eating Form Results page. I think we are going to learn alot about our society with this project. ha ha... not sure if that is a good thing.... i'm thinking I may want to be sheltered...LOL!!

    One of the results stated 'i like colored glue the best'... so i'm thinking hmmmmm.... we could even incorporate some of the colors or glitter glues into this... we could do a breakdown between stats like: 'Glitter glue tends to leave more residue on your teeth and esophogus, therefore death is more likely because of the build up over time.' ha ha, just thinking off the top of my head here... anyway...

    We need to include the RUNNING WITH SCISSORS thing too.

    OH!! We could base the whole page on schoolroom hazards!
    When I was in first grade this kid kept tipping his chair (who didn't!!) and then he fell and hit the desk behind him and cracked his skull! He never came back to school and until i was in HS i thought he died, but he just moved. ha ha.

    I'm just brainstorming here... no idea is insignificant. hee hee
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    Now it's my turn to contribute!

    I see that there's a website going up. Are you looking at simply putting up plain text and html? Or are you going for graphics, interactivity, etc... (bells and whistles my boss calls them).

    I could offer a few designs if you like, just give me a moment to dream up a few.

    Another thing is the music. There's this local station here that plays really good music:

    I couldn't get the listen online feature to work but maybe you can. But in case, here's a few more songs to check out:

    kutless - Run
    Trik Turner - Sacrifice
    12 stones - the way I feel ( check out "fade away" as well )
    Unloco - failure ( think I posted this somewhere one already )
    Skillet - kill me heal me

    That's all for now, if you like I'll post more, if not then I'll take my music elsewhere

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    Mar 2003
    Australia, NSW
    I took "Running with Scissors" Game Developers logo and altered it as "running with paste"


    P.S. In case you didnt know, Running with Scissors is the game developers for the up and coming game called Postal 2 staring Gary Coleman

    Go Postal
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    Jefferson City, MO
    CW, that is GREAT!!!! Hilarious!!!! you go boy! ha ha. ROFL!!!

    Havik, oh yeah! we can use any and all suggestions/help that you have to offer.

    I'm thinking this is going to be FUN!!! ha ha.
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    Jan 2003
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    Here's something I dreamed up. ( A showcase of my talent so that I may be hired )


    EDITED: Image was posted on my site but no longer there, sorry! I'll load it up on another post.
    Last edited by havik; 04-11-2003 at 09:23 AM.
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    Jersey Girl
    first of all... jdavia is hilarious to suggest that I (me!) would set-up everybody else to make a fool of themselves here before I would be willing to do so myself.

    I mean... haven't I done enough of that to myself around here in this forum already?

    Yikes! You give me too much credit for devious thinking jdavia (actually, I was just really hungry and needed to cook something quick for dinner so that I could kick-back and watch Bill OReilly on The Factor .

    Okay... so anyway... now that you guys really have made fools of yourselves ... now I'm really ready to jump-in!

    Chopper! You kick *ss! That's absolutly classic! I vote that we use it (how could we not?!). As-is...or as a watermark background? Something.

    As far as design... please don't look at me! I work with data, forms, reports, graphs, etc.
    I would consider my design style to be "Dry Business Formal".
    This site needs fun... and I'll be happy just to get the opportunity to work with people who have any sense of style at all .

    As far as a location... my brother has half-abandond one of his sites (and he already has given me my own folder). Maybe he will give us a folder for this too? (except that he would never permit anyone else to upload files to it... just so you know). Does anyone else have a site that is free of ads and such?

    oh crap. it's nearly 11am... i need to prepare for a conference call.
    keep plotting... i'll catch-up in a bit.

    (oh... i just saw Havik's graphic! Such talent! hmmm... maybe i'd just be holding you guys back )

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    Jan 2003
    This is something I just dreamed up. I don't do graphics so its not very good, but whtat the hell, someone might be able to use some of the idea...

    0101100101100101011100110010110000100000011101110110010100100000011000110110000101101110001000000110 0001011011000110110000100000011101110111001001101001011101000110010100100000011010010110111000100000 01100010011010010110111001100001011100100111100100100001
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    Jefferson City, MO
    Awesome. you guys are totally awesome!!

    Ok, it's not as cool as the others, but I have to submit my idea too.

    I love the added phrase Havik!! Kinda like saying 'We're so funny, we crack ourselves up'. LOL!

    CW... i hope you don't mind.. i used part of your sign. I just think it is totally hilarious!!!
    Last edited by lora_3677; 04-10-2003 at 11:38 AM.
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