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Thread: 2 problems with frame coding-- resize and gap issue

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    2 problems with frame coding-- resize and gap issue

    Top frame has a flash toolbar with a gradient background

    Bottom frame has html pages that are linked via the above toolbar options. Content is placed within a table that has a matching gradient background.

    From left to right, edges of the two gradient backgrounds line up perfectly. the problems stem from a gap between the top and bottom frame:

    Problem 1: I cannot code the top frame to marry the bottom frame -- in some browsers it matches perfectly (not side to side-- that's easy. This is, the lowest edge of the toolbar frame meeting the uppermost edge of the lower frame). I used TOPMARGIN for the lower page so that brings up the lower page to the very top of the frame, but in some browsers it lines up perfectly and in others there's a gap.

    Solutions I've tried: I defined the Flash environment to precisely the size of the toolbar's height and made sure the html code is the same as the Flash environment (that doesn't work at all).

    I've tried "noresize" and not using "noresize" as well -- neither makes a change.

    I've made the Flash environment smaller, hoping it would force the toolbar lower edge into an overlap -- ironically, that created a LARGER gap between the two pages.

    I've made the environment larger, and that solves it for some browsers and not others.

    Problem 2 may be related: If I resize the browser window, I can manipulate the top frame into place. The bottom frame remains anchored and resizes, but the top frame (with the toolbar) does not resize. Instead, it remains its current size and disappears behind the edge of the browser borders as the window gets smaller (now I'm thinking I should remove sizing codes altogether out of the Flash page).

    Long post but I wanted to describe the problem accurately and let you know what I already tried. Any ideas?

    Thank you.

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    Bump in hopes of at least one relevant reply.

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