Hey, most of you know about this MMO that I and a bunch of others are making and everyone thought it was a complete flop. Well as I have said, "I will not quit" I have not. And as the outcome, I have gotten about 3 volunteer C++ 3D Programmers for making this game, and I am still looking around. The programming hasnt yet started yet because I am still working on pieces of concept art pieces for 3D modellers.

What I am saying is, is that this game has been going up and hasnt gotten down yet. I thought this might inspire some of you who are interested in helping. even BETA testers would be okay

But what Im mainly looking for is someone who can:
Help make a multiplayer platform, and someone who can help render in realtime...

Need more info on this? email me at: Craka_J@hotmail.com and I will give you as much information as I can.

With Thanks in advance,