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Thread: domain registration not at webhost

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    Question domain registration not at webhost

    hi guys,

    I read that when choosing a webhost, it's better to do domain registration yourself, somewhere else. So in case you do want to change one day, there is no hassle...
    Is this correct? And how does it goes? I have some difficulty understanding...
    Say I register a domain. Can I define my host myself then by entering their nameserver? And when I want to change host, can I register a hosting package at the new host and then just swap between them myself? like a switch. Without any downtime.
    And if so, do all my emailaddresses still exist?

    How does this all work?

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    You can register for a domain name at like Go Daddy. If you don't have a host yet, there will be an option to fill in the nameserver info later. This is called parking. You then go and buy web hosting. Once you get the nameserver info from them, you go back and fill that in at where you registered your domain name at.

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