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Thread: Domain Name & Chat Forum Problem???

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    Exclamation Domain Name & Chat Forum Problem???

    Hi Everyone!

    I have recently opened up a free domain name through .tk - the only problem is, when i link it up with my forum, it logs me out whenever i try to post or use any other standard forum functions. I have tried this with several different forums to eliminate the problem, which seems to point to the domain link itself (as it all works fine when i use the traditional default link from before)

    I am a complete 'newbie' to domain names, so any help on this would be HUGELY appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance,

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    This is another query i found from someone who has a similar problem to mine:

    "Just browsing over the forum, I couldn't find anything to do with my problem, but here goes:

    I have a .TK domain (ie. www.solidinc.tk), which just directs you to http://firestorm.stormynight.net/solidinc where my enigma-powered site is. When people go to www.solidinc.tk, and log in to my site, it logs them out when they go to any other page within the site.

    I have installed the latest security patches, but nothing has helped. Is there a mod or other patch I can apply to fix this? Because heaps of people know the .TK site, but don't want to go to the other site "

    Can anyone please help?

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