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Thread: Sending email via Web Pages - HOW?

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    Question Sending email via Web Pages - HOW?

    How Can THis Be Done.....

    I need an mailing service to operate through my website.

    I need the 'user' of my site to be able to create and send an HTML email with attachments to a large list of email addresses. I need them to be able to do this from within a page on my site. Although I don't want them to be able to see the email address list to which they are sending it to.

    So basically the user can access a form on a page in which to write their message and add attachments(s); and upon pressing the 'submit' button it will send to the list of email addresses automatically.

    Does anybody know of any program/code/service that can do this or tell me how I can do it. I'm not an ASP programmer either but am also not completely inept!

    Any help would be massively appreciated.


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    You posted in the PHP section, which is a different programming language that ASP and you’ll probably need to work in whatever your server accepts, probably PHP if your site is hosted at a discount host.

    This topic has been discussed in many, many threads here so I would suggest doing a search to find the answer.

    You can start here:

    At a thread that was created at roughly the same time you created yours and go from there.

    And check the mail() page on PHP.net


    Good Luck, if you have any specific questions feel free to ask!

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    Thanks - I just rememebered I am using .asp pages as they are in a members only part of the site. So presumabably I will need this mailing 'service' to be done in ASP rather than PHP?

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    Then post this in the ASP forum, not here.

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    Sorry - can anybody that has any ideas for this solution have a look at http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/sh...482#post420482

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