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Thread: How Do I Get My Website On My OWN BROWSER DOMAIN NAME

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    How Do I Get My Website On My OWN BROWSER DOMAIN NAME

    I build websites..on angelfire and others but this is specificlly for my upcoming cd and bio my own personal websitei dont want my url to say angelfire or what else ..how do i get my own domain name

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    A series of tubes known as the "internets"
    go to a domain registrar such as godaddy and buy one there.
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    There's a good basic article on this topic on WebReference.com

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    If you don't own a domain, you can use a subdomain (there are >19.000 to choose from) at http://freedns.afraid.org
    Just make a redirect to your actual site. You can even hide the angelfire url ("cloak" function).
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