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Thread: connecting Access database from website to local machine

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    connecting Access database from website to local machine

    I created a website for a client w/ an Access database backend. It holds info about products and pricing. I just use it to display the products onto the website. My client uses a Point of Sale program called Cash Register Express. It is a Windows based program w/ an Access database backend.

    My client wants for me to link the website database to the POS software’s database, so that when customers make orders from the website, the POS software will automatically deduct inventory and manage sales in real time.

    How would I come about doing this? I have never connected a remote database to a local one before.

    The reps at the company that sells Cash Register Express told me that it is possible, but I would have to know how to program that.

    Can anyone please give me some pointers or links to any tutorials?



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    i believe its the same way as you would do it on a website.

    Conn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=C:\Intranet\ncr\database\ncr.mdb;User Id=admin;Password=;"

    except in source place the link to the db eg www.filesource.com if it doesnt work the ip of the website might do it.

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    I would be very vary about connecting an online database with the clients backend systems that are in place. This can open BIG doors for hacks and cause all sorts of security headaches.
    It might be a wiser idea to do a nightly update to both databases. Which can which you will have better contorl over and only you can access the data on the backend.

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    i agree with markdamo. it's too dangerous to open the database up to the public like that. you would need to have some kind of secure access set up like a series of web services for example.

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    What if they had a secure server (SSL Certificate) on their website? I guess, I would just have to explain to him gently that I cannot do that for him. I will explain to him about the security issues. He would just have to manually update the local database himself.

    Thanks for your help.

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