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    Public IP Address


    I have installed an apache server on my P.C. and I tried it and it works perfectly, then I wanted to let others see my site by giving them my I.P. address but whenever they try to connect to my IP address they can not. Someone told me that the IP address you have is a network IP address, and to get others access your website on your computer then you have to have a Public IP Address. Well, how to get pr set such a public IP address up? Any clues?

    Thanks in advanced to anyone trying to help

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    If it is the case that you have a local network address, it is unlikely that you HAVE a public address that people outside your network can see. This is because your network is probably connected through a dhcp router, meaning that the ROUTER has (possibly) a public address. You can make yourself visible outside of your network by using port forwarding (if you have access to the router). Otherwise, it is just not possible. Best of luck!

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    Check your real IP at

    To make things easier, look for a free subdomain (for instance at freedns.afraid.org), install a dynamic DNS client updater (that will upload your actual IP to the DNS servers), ... and that's all.

    If you can access your server using it's actual IP (the one that's displayed by the script above), you can access your server by it's chosen domain name.
    You can check if your server is online from my site:
    This home server runs on a dynamic IP, the only way you can tell it's not a 'regular' server is it's port number: 20800
    Quid Quid Latine Dictum Sit, Altum Viditur
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    Fotografie | Home Server (no need to click, it's for spiders )

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