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Thread: Generating a class list with 3 tick boxes

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    Generating a class list with 3 tick boxes

    hi guys,

    I am doing a class register on a website where i will generate a list of names of students from a database and alongside each name there will be three tick boxes labelled "Present", "Absent" and "Late".

    Generating the list of names to come on the website is very easy, the problem is how do i connect the three tick boxes to the names so when for example the "present" tick box is checked for that student, it will register on the database that he is present on a specific date.

    I can do it with fixed values, for example if there are fixed names of pupils i can always name the check boxes and it's easy from there but the names are generated at random from a long list in the database.

    Anyone have a solution code or a link that can help me?


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    add the student id into the tickbox's name. Then seperate the id from what the name is and then you know who, and what the student is.
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    how do i seperate the id from the name before i do the insert into the database?

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