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Thread: Checking for similar record

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    Checking for similar record

    Hi I need to check the table for whether a particular record already exist or not in my code.say Name should be unique.I cant do change in database due to some company policies.
    nsql="insert into Users(Name, Username,Password,Path,status)values('"& name &"','"& u &"','"& p &"','"& path &"','"& "live" &"')"

    rs.Open nsql,con

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    You'll need to have another query like so...
    SELECT COUNT idField AS count FROM Users WHERE Name = 'bob'
    If rs("count") >= 1 then there is a duplicate.

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    You could also create a trigger that attempts to locate identical records before the new record is inserted. This is a good way to add functionality to your database without actually altering its inner-workings -- and thus breaching your companies policies.

    This is said with the assumption that you have access to MS SQL Server, Oracle, or another complying database.


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