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Thread: Calculator from values in a form??

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    Calculator from values in a form??

    forgive me for being dumb
    I know what i am trying to achieve but ill be honest, i dont know where to start.

    I have a web site selling cakes. I would like to have a form with buttons ie
    I want a 3 tier wedding cake, 6" sponge cake 8" fruit cake and 10" fruit cake

    want i am looking for is a code to calculate the cost of the final wedding cake by entering details in the buttons. ie 6" cake + 8" cake + 10" cake = final cost of the 3 added together

    Erm I hope you know what i mean from my explanation

    Thanx for any advice you can give me


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    is this for an instant quote type thing or so someone can order a cake from you?

    I've seen both... but if you could even supply a link to where the page in question is that woudl help a lot.
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    I havent got a page or code yet for this, at the minute its just an idea

    my web site is www.cakedesigners.co.uk

    my thoery is to use this to quote a cake instead of havin to email me ie 6" carrot cake, 7" fruit cake and 10" vanilla sponge each button would have a value ie someone asks for the three cakes above and each cake would have a hidden cost ie 20 + 30 + 40

    different cake flavours have different costs and there are so many kinds of cake and amount of tiers it becomes difficult to list the price of different combinations of cake on a form

    hope this helps

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