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Thread: Hopefully an easy question...

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    Question Hopefully an easy question...

    I have some XML and an XSLT.

    sample of XML

    <Field ID="rb_PreferredDeptCity" Name="preferredDeptCity" Mandatory="" Data="//ReferenceData/PreferredDeptCity" />

    <PreferredDeptCity>Please select:London:Cardiff</PreferredDeptCity>

    I have some javascript which takes a series of parameters and writes a drop down box to the page. The : seperated list in PreferredDeptCity will form each element (handled by the JScript).

    I have a variable defined in the page as such : <xsl:variable name="refData" select="Form/Field[@ID='rb_PreferredDeptCity']/@Data" />

    and then I'm attempting : SelectItem(&quot;<xsl:value-of select="Form/Field[@ID='rb_PreferredDeptCity']/@Name" />&quot;,&quot;<xsl:value-of select="Labels/Label[@ID='rb_PreferredDeptCity']/@Content" />&quot;,&quot;<xsl:value-of select="Form/Field[@ID='rb_PreferredDeptCity']/@Mandatory" />&quot;,"",&quot;<xsl:value-of select="$refData"/>&quot;

    SelectItem being the JScript method. When the drop down appears it contains one element which is '//ReferenceData/PreferredDeptCity' so it appears that the value-of select isn't happening and the value of refData is being passed straight to the HTML.

    I'm sure this is something simple but it's doing my head in - any ideas?

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    Better post your question at this forum


    it solely deals with XSL/XSLT related topics



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