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Thread: Embedding Window Media Player

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    Embedding Window Media Player

    I need some help regarding the Windows Media Player controller.

    I wish to have some music clips on my website and I have visited some sites that have a WMP control panel with PLAY/PAUSE, FORWARD, BACK, VOLUME CONTROL, and the the SEEK track.

    Could anyone please help how to embed this little controller into a webpage so that when anyone clicks on a link the little controller starts to work.
    The attachment is a screenshot of how I would like it to look and the controls it should have.

    Also I want to know how to connect it to different music clips from different links.

    All help much appreciated.
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    <embed src="filename.mid" width=145 height=55>
    <bgsound src="filename.mid">

    This will give you the results you want.

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