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Thread: db driven drop down driven drop down

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    db driven drop down driven drop down

    Hi guys,

    Not only did I post a all d's tounge twister titled thread but I have a conudrem that I hope you can help with.

    I am putting together a asp page used to gather comments.
    The user picks the categorys the comments come under from a dropdown (fed from a SQL DB) depending on what type they select a subcategory is shown in the drop down below (also db driven).

    Depending on what type they select depends on what is shown in the second drop down.

    Table1 (first dropdown) = Type Name
    Table 2 (second dropdown) = Issue Name, Type Category

    Is there anyway to do this as I cannot work out how without having to put a submit button after the first dropdown is selected and I want it to do this without this selection? do i need to look into javascript.

    Any help would be awesome Thanks Guys

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    try having a look at this other thread http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=76120

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