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Thread: Need idea for a fairly simple problem

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    Question Need idea for a fairly simple problem

    Hello, I have a page with a datagrid on it full of info. The info contains questions and answers. If you click on the answer it links to a second page.

    This page has 2 labels on it which display the question and a more detailed answer - brought up from the database.

    I want a 'more info' link which links to a document - eg a word or powerpoint document. How can I make this link link to a different doument depending on what q and a have been brought up?

    EG Each q and a have an ID number. Is there a way I can link to a different document depending on the ID number?

    Thanks I'm sure there's a simple way I just need ideas!

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    oh...u can do that...by using the request.queryString("id")//pass in the id

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