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Thread: If screen res 800x600 put on scrollbars?

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    If screen res 800x600 put on scrollbars?

    I wanted to use the full window for my flash site, full browser flash. There's little point in me explaining in masses of detail the reasons why I have to disable the scrollbars (basically because it doesnt fill the screen enough otherwise and they scrollbars come on for no reason)

    What I want in my html page is something like "if screen res is 800x600 put on scroll="yes" if not, scroll=no. I thought this may be possible?

    I have tried this by using some if code I found, but the scroll part isnt right and it just gives errors. Anyone know the correct way or if its even possible?:

    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    if ((screen.width>=1024) && (screen.height>=768))

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    A very easy way would be to use a frame page and define an attribute scrollbars=auto. e.g.

    <frameset cols="100%">
    <frame src="yourpage.html" scrollbars="auto">

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