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Thread: Forms and Form Processing

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    Forms and Form Processing

    Hey everyone. I have started a web-design buisness. I was coding all the sites and came to the sign-up page. I coded it and then discovered that for Form Processing I would need a CGI Script. Stubborn, I didn't go and look and instead, used the tags (I will use [ insted of <) [form method="post" action="mailto:XXXXX@XXXXX.XXX"] Then I ended the tag after several different types of forms. Then I put in random letters and e-mailed it. I got nothing, so I went to search for the CGI script that would get me what I needed. I found one and used the tags [form method="post" action="cgi-bin/form.pl"], however, all I got when "Submit" was used was the script itself up on the screen, and no e-mail or anything. Then, when I checked my mail recently, I found several e-mails from when I tried the other day with only HTML. I opened one and it contained an attachment - FORMDATA.ATT. I downloaded it and opened it in WordPad. Sure enough, there were my form entries, in the fomrat of name=gbfdb&gender=male&...... so on and so on. WEll I was excited. BUT! (haha always wanting more) I want to know if there is any real way to format the text so it is a lot easier to read? Please reply. Also, When I sent the form, it asked stuff like "This will automatically send an e-mail" and then a box that said "A program is trying to send an e-mail for you. If this is unexpected, it might be a virus." This was on Windows XP Professional using Outlook Express. I was wondering how to bypass this. Please help me if you can!

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    then you'll want to try coding your FORM tag with the following encryption type (though I don't think this is according to standards)

    encoding type actually, and this does follow the standards

    make sure you are using METHOD="PUT" instead of METHOD="GET"

    method="post" is what you want

    <form action="you@your.com" method="post" enctype="text/plain">

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