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Thread: why attribute order gets changed ?

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    why attribute order gets changed ?

    hi ,
    i am transforming a input xml file to required xml file.

    for example if my input is like

    <colspec colnum="1" colname="col1" colwidth="22">
    <colspec colnum="2" colname="col2" colwidth="20">
    <colspec colnum="3" colname="col3" colwidth="12">
    <colspec colnum="4" colname="col4" colwidth="21">
    <entry namest="1" nameend="2">ssfsd</entry>

    when i apply transform api of java xml to change some elements present in the same xml. this part of atttribute is changing to..

    <colspec colname="col1" colnum="1" colwidth="22">
    <colspec colname="col2" colnum="2" colwidth="20">
    <colspec colname="col3" colnum="3" colwidth="12">
    <colspec colname="col4" colnum="4" colwidth="21">
    <entry nameend="2" namest="1">ssfsd</entry>

    i know change in attribute doesnt mean its not correct but still the dtd they have created is like that.

    i gave a try using entity resolver but my problem didnt solve it.
    i am using org.w3c.dom,javax.xml.transform
    if u didnt understood and need some more explanation please ask me.

    waiting for a reply.

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    any problem is it a bug or what???why no replies..any suggestions please

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    just wondering if your concern is that the order of attribute placement is being changed? then how is this making your app not to work? or they do have it in their dtd in strict order?


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    no actually its a article holding this part of xml.
    so the customer will be requring a order.that order is getting changed.

    i used entityresolver but still it is changing to the one i shown.

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    no answer i think there is no solution for this is it?
    i dont know..i think i am the only person facing the problem or else people using dom,transformer factory facing the problem????

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