I'm not sure where to enter this question. If there's a better spot, let me know. Search didn't help much, mainly because I can't figure out the keywords without using really common keywords, so I get lots of useless results. Google isn't my friend, either, for that same reason.

I've got a set of pages that would normally each have an OCX loaded in an <object> tag. However, because of the way the system is working, I have resource conflicts with multimedia hardware that means this simple solution doesn't work.

What I was trying to do was switch this so that when a page is "activated" - in my case, it means that it gets moved onto the screen from an off-screen location - then some Javascript/VBScript gets executed and sets up an instance of my media-playing OCX. It's not Windows Media Player, but it wouldn't be far off if you thought of that.

Basically, I've got a page where I'd normally have an <object width="100%" height="100%"> and I'd put in the proper CLASSID, etc.

How can I fill that dynamically and activate it? I tried creating the object in script and assigning it to the innerHTML of a <div> I created, but that showed "[object]" on the screen, but didn't actually render any content.

Anyone have any ideas? I've tried a different approach to the problem in the short term, but it bugs me that I can't figure out the dynamic creation stuff.