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Thread: Problem with hidden fields...PLEASE HELP

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    Problem with hidden fields...PLEASE HELP

    Hi, new poster here, I'm usually pretty good with html, but today I've run into something I can't figure out. I'm gonna post my code up here, so please tell me if you see anything fishy.

    This form is created through an asp.net page, so the value of the hidden field is kind of funny. It works when the hidden field "mMessage" is there and I take mMessage2 off, but when I put mMessage2 on it doesn't work. Please just lookat the field "mMessage2" and tell me if you see why its not submitting.



    HTML Code:
    <input type="hidden" name="mMessage2" id="newMessage2" value="<b>ITC Name: </b>Agent, Alice The
    <b>Inside Agent: </b>
    <b>ITC Company: </b>Alice
    <b>Customer Name/Payee: </b>
    Johh Phillips
    <b>Address Line 1: </b>
    <b>Address Line 2: </b>
    <b>City: </b>Opelika
    <b>State: </b>AL
    <b>Zip Code: </b>36801
    <b>Home Phone: </b>3344441117
    <b>Business/Daytime Phone: </b>
    <b>Pay Type: </b>0
    <b>Submit To: </b>
    <b>Itinerary: </b>
    <b>Ship or Resort: </b>
    <b>Travel Type: </b>Tour/Vacation Pkg
    <b>Destination: </b>Aruba
    <b>Passengers: </b>
    <b>Number in Party: </b>0
    <b>Vendor: </b>
    <b>Confirmation Number: </b>
    <b>Departure Date: </b>10/18/2006
    <b>Return Date: </b>10/18/2007
    <b>Payment Amount: </b>450
    <b>Form of Payment: </b>Check
    <b>Credit Card Number(if used): </b>
    <b>Credit Card Expiration(if used): </b>
    <b>Total Gross Sale: </b>5000
    <b>Discount: </b>1200
    <b>Commission: </b>516
    <b>Taxes and Fees: </b>
    <b>Final Amount Due: </b>4550
    <b>Final Due Date: </b>
    <b>Insurance Options: </b>3rdPartyInsurance
    <input type="hidden" name="mMessage" id="newMessage" value="	
    Great Group of folks, Really enjoy there company! In fact, I would hang out with them anytime. 
    I think I might go to aruba with them. Yep, think I will. ... 
    Yep, sure I will. yep. Oh, by the way, 
    I love this place Its b eautiful Im gonna make this message HUGE, 
    I mean HUGGGGE to test the ability of worksheet processor. Yep, thatsa what Ima doina
    <input type="submit" onclick="submitForm()" value="Submit Worksheet">

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    Escape the brackets.
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    You can't put X/HTML elements in the value of another element.

    Change < to &lt; and > to &gt;
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