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Thread: XML based web site

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    XML based web site


    Few weeks ago softxml was launched.

    My primary goal was to create xml based web site, I have used following technologies:
    XML, XSLT, XPATH, JavaScript, ASP.

    I have created also chat based on xml.

    If you have question regarding xml technologies , I will try to assist you.

    URL: http://www.softxml.com


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    Unhappy Help desperately needed


    I am new to the world of xml and would like some guidance. I use linux and for my login manager (KDM) themes we use .xml files to set out the look of the login screen.

    Question: I would like to animate it with mouse over effects, buttons, animation, etc. However I have not a clue how to initialise these commands using .xml. I have tried using commands standard for web browsers, but they all have default players which can play the sound files, and java to animate the mouse over effects, and flash.

    The KDM login manager I think needs these to be initialsed before any effects can be done.

    Any clues.

    Xml Noob

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