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Thread: Programming-Designs.com - Review Please

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    Programming-Designs.com - Review Please

    Hi, I have recently started a website related to web development and software development and would like to get some feedback on how I can improve my website. The URL is http://www.programming-designs.com

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    The site looks very nice on first view, when i scrolled to the bottom of the fisrt page i noticed the thick black and grey lines on the right and above the footer, isnt even close to consistant with the style of the page i would suggest something like at the top a 1px white or black border.

    Your header image is very good i would suggest aligning the welcome box and the top of the menu on the left and even making the welcome box a bit smaller

    when clicking the forum link there is a shuffle page with the text


    on it, if this is a debug then i would suggest taking it out or fixing it so the transition is smooth.

    other than that it looks pretty good.


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    nice website.......u r working profession.....everything is perfect in this site......

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    Also center the body of your content so your site looks good on larger resolutions.

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    Something about the color combination bothers me.

    Contrary to my signature, today I'm viewing stuff via a widescreen laptop. The large amount of khaki blank space on the right is very distracting to your design. You might want to consider gray or black.

    I'd also replace the orange graphics "new" and the arrow with one of that purple color in your banner. You are using mostly "cool" colors, throwing in orange (a "warm" color) disrupts the color harmonization.

    * My screen resolution is set at 1680x1050
    * I'm accessing your site through a T1 line
    * I'm probably viewing it using Firefox (unless browser is specified)

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