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    online catalog

    Hi! I'd like to develope an online catalog for a business. Of course this will require lots of graphics as well as special set up. Can someone point me to where I can go to learn what is needed and how to accomplish such a catalog? This will include the need to use and store many high quality photos and thumbnails efficiently. Thanks!

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    If you have Adobe Photoshop, just click File->Automate->Web Photo Gallery if you dont have photoshop, just learn HTML, Perl/cgi, JavaScrript. the simplest of those would be HTML, and it will do what you need.
    If you need help knowing what to do send me a PM and i'll help you out. if you are needing resources for learning html send me a PM and i'll set you up with some very nice ones
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    Also, if you have Dreamweaver and Fireworks, you can create a web photo album. You will only need Dreamweaver to work with, but it will not activate the album builder without Fireworks on your machine.

    1. Open a blank page in dreamweaver

    2. on the menu choose Commands/Create Web Photo Album

    3. fill in the blanks in the dialogue window,

    that's it.
    You can play around with it, it builds pretty good albums.

    If you will need e-commerce, its a whole new story...
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