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Thread: Problem with Preloader in Flash

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    Problem with Preloader in Flash

    I have a problem with preloader..

    In a web page, instead of loading images from the flash library, I'm loading images from a file folder using ' loadMovie(); '
    I have around 25 small thumbnail images

    Right now the preloader loads only the flash file not the files in the file folder...

    So can I load all those images in that file folder using preloader....????

    How I can do that preloader.....???.... or should I have to put preloader for each movieclip where the image loads....????

    Please provide some solutions
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    Hello Rahul,

    I would suggest having a separate preloader for your thumbnail images (since you don't want people to download those images if they may not see them).

    If you are publishing as Flash Player 7 you may use the MovieClipLoader class instead of loadMovie.

    If you are not publishing as 7, just track the getBytesLoaded and getBytesTotal of the movieclip you are loading the jpgs into. Flash can be a little quirky however and may have a slight delay when you load the images in, so be careful when you terminate your loader when getBytesLoaded = getBytesTotal (it may read 0 = 0 and terminate). A workaround solution is to check that the movieclip you are loding the jpg into has a width and height > 0 (in addition to the getBytesLoaded = getBytesTotal).

    Hope this helps.

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    belated thanks...

    I made a big late to reply to this..
    Thanks a lot for ur support.. My problem been solved.

    Once again thanks ... i will be back with new questions.. :-)

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