I'm using PEAR DB for all my database-stuff. My Sybase server which I'm connecting to using odbc, has been acting weird lately. Connections from my PHP-scripts has not been dropped when they should and that have caused strange locking situations. I need to figure out which script is causing this.
All scripts I have connect using the same login, and I have not figured out a way of specifying the name of the scripts when connecting. Other applications (ms access for example) can be seen in the Sybase admin-tool, Sybase Central when looking at connections/processes. The program name is not displayed for my PHP scripts, but other application names are shown.
Do anyone know if it's possible on connect to specify a "program name". This is what I have now:

PHP Code:
$dsn = array(
'phptype'  => 'odbc',
'username' => 'username',
'password' => 'userpassword',
'database' => 'SybaseDB'
$hSql DB::connect($dsn); 
It would be nice to be able to for example set 'applicationname' => 'MyFirstScript' and then be able to see in Sybase Central that MyFirstScript has connected. I guess that's not possible?

I realise that this should be in a PEAR forum, but I have only seen a german one....