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Thread: display on top of main/parent window.

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    display on top of main/parent window.

    Hello there guys.

    I don't know if this is the right forum to post this.
    Anyway, it maybe related with javascript.
    Ok, I'd like to ask how to be able to display on top of application?
    I used
    <A href="test.htm" target="newwindow">test</A>
    <A href="test2.htm" target="newwindow">test2</A>

    When I click the first link, it opens in a new IE window. However when I minimize the "newwindow" window then click the second link from the main/parent window, it does not go on top, it remains minimize or remain behind the parent window.

    By the way, it requires that the link will display only in one or same window.
    Is there's a way that it will display on top of main/parent window?

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