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Thread: Replacing image with flash

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    Replacing image with flash

    Hey guys,

    I've finally fixed most of the problems I had in my original version and actually got a Firefox/IE compatible layout:


    However, for a little dynamism I wanted to switch out the yellow banner in the middle with a flash movie. However, when I switch it out I get the mysterious black gap (Firefox ONLY) where there was none with the image:


    Does anyone know what is causing this? I had the mysterious black gap before with the image banner file. It was fixed with a "display:block" but I tried it with the flash, but the mysterious black gap is still there. Thanks

    PS I know my CSS is pretty sloppy, but it's only a rough draft. The final will be much cleaner, I promise

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    add 200px of height in your #firstpic

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    Awesome! Thanks a bunch

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