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Thread: Forms - deciding between 2 options, how?

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    Forms - deciding between 2 options, how?

    I'm trying to create a form that has a section that will allow the user to choose one of 2 options, for example :

    Option 1 - pulldown menu (of pre-loaded pictures on a remote server)


    Option 2 - textbox (user may enter the filename path)

    The form includes other options, but for this particular one, I want the user to either select from a pulldown list or enter the filename path themselves. If the user selects something from the pulldown list the other option should be disabled, but they can choose that option (and disable the other one) if they change their mind.

    I know it should be easy but I couldn't find any help on this.

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    You could use radio buttons that when clicked disable one of those two form controls.
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    If Javascript is ok then you could simply use the value in the textbox for everything. They could either type something in or set it from their pick in the select box.
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    Hi thanks people, I'm going to try and use the radio button as it seems like what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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