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Thread: Zoom in capabitlites for web photos

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    Zoom in capabitlites for web photos

    I am using FP 2002, currently but plan on going to Macromedia some time in the future, and was wondering if anybody out there has any good advice for a plug in for zooming in on photos. Currently am using jimco's spawn for pop up windows for enlargements, but customers want 'zoom in' capabilities, anybody have any ideas?



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    Internet Explorer has a built-in plugin (I believe) that allows users to "zoom-in" on images. An example of this can be found at http://dynamicdrive.com/

    Other than that, you may want to use multiple images, and an image map onmouseover.
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    What you are wanting could probably be accomplished through some simple javascript. the only problem with that is that your clients probably wouldnt have any control over what point it zooms to (IE, it would just zoom to the middle, rather then a selectable place on the image)
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