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    website development

    I am interested in website development. Is there a way for someone to design the own web site and to have it without paying any charges?
    Is it possible to have the site with a name i just make up and have a name like all the other sites do. Like yahoo.com, google.com and the likes. Say for instance, i wanted to name the site liphoto.com. Is it possible for me to have such a site? i have tried sites like tictacwebsites.com. The problem with them is that the site is only temporary and will have to start paying after some time.

    I would like to create my own site on which i can place anything my heart desires and not pay any fees with the site existing for as long as i want it to.
    Also allowing me to make changes and add some new features very easily. I would also like to have the site such that no one else but me can alter the way the site works, allowing no one to make any changes without my knowledge.

    If its possible can someone tell me how, can the explanation be as simple as possible. To add to that, which ever way you might encourage me to take, may it also allow me to use some jscript coding.
    Is it also possible for me to creat this using some thing i already find on the computer, e.g using Microsoft FrontPage.

    I hope i have given enough exlplanation to my problem and hope i have not asked for too many things.

    I hope this is possible. Thnk you for taking the time out to read this post.

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    muneepenee, which lang tag are you using?
    Don't understand you in english, dutch, french or german.
    Quid Quid Latine Dictum Sit, Altum Viditur
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    If you'll look below his name you'll see this user is banned, specifically for refusing to post in a recongizable version of english.

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    domaindlx.com is the one of the websites which will suit your needs

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    Of course you can create your own site yourself. FrontPage & DreamWeaver are easy to use. You can even use MS-Word.

    If you want to use a name that you choose, you have to register it. Costs approx $7 per year.

    Then you need a webhost. There are plenty of free webhosts on the net. Do a search and you might find one you like.

    You can put anything on your site and without your personal password no one else can edit your site.

    All the best.

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    You can contact for website design and development

    Dear, contact http://www.timesstep.com for website design.

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