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    I have a JcomboBox. I want to display all the ItemId from the database in that JComboBox. I used Vector.but the records are not displaying in the jcombobox.It is printing the values in the console. I think the problem is with the line "itemno=new JComboBox(result);"
    I am getting the values from the selectItemID() method.but it is not assigning it to the jcombobox
    The code is:-

    public Vector selectItemID(){
    Vector result = new Vector();

    try {
    statement = dbConnection.prepareStatement("select ItemId from ItemDetails");
    ResultSet itemNumberResult = statement.executeQuery();
    String itemNo = itemNumberResult.getString(1);
    System.out.println("itemNo " +itemNo);
    result.add(itemNo); // add all found itemNos
    } catch (SQLException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    return result;


    DbActivity dbconnection = new DbActivity();

    Vector result= dbconnection.selectItemID();
    itemno=new JComboBox(result); // construct Combo with Vector
    //System.out.println("Result "+result);

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