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Thread: setting a default bg image using body selector

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    setting a default bg image using body selector

    I am trying to set a default background image on all my pages using the body css selector. I have copied the tag from both a book i use and online resources but it refuses to work. Can anyone point out the problem. I have tried both lines of code below. Thanks.

    body { background: url(images/background.gif) white no-repeat}

    body { background-image: url(images/background.gif) white no-repeat}

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    Make sure the URL is right (case sensitive remember) and also the url is relative to the CSS file, not the HTML file (if it's an external CSS file that is).

    Also the second one is wrong; if you want to use colours/positioning etc in one line you have to use the short hand property "background" not "background-image".

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    Thanks, that's fixed it. I didn't have the URL relative to the CSS doc. Appreciated.

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