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Thread: Firefox does not load web pages

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    Firefox does not load web pages

    I can start Firefox but no data is loaded on the page. I get the toolbar and the background but no data. The address bar is blank. No error messages, including java script console, are displayed. I get the same results for all Web pages, not just the home page. There are no virus's detected by Kaspersky antivirus (KAV). I was able to previously display Web pages with Firefox. I can display pages using IE.

    I've tried the following:
    uninstalled the old version and installed the most recent version of Firefox
    cleared cookies and cache
    added a new profile
    ran Firefox with both Windows firewall and KAV turned off
    deleted the mozilla and profile folders after uninstalling Firefox

    I also cannot restore to a previous checkpoint. Windows hangs while creating the restore files. Not sure if this is related.

    Need additional help with this problem.


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    that's a pretty unusual thing for firefox...

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    There are a number of the same problem on the Mozilla Firefox forum. Unfortunately, there was only one confirmation that deleting the profile folder helped.


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