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Thread: Please review it for me

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    Please review it for me

    Please review my website http://shanq.net . Its totally CSS made website.

    Please let me know all aspect of design. So that i can make it more Useful.


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    Hi sunny kvc -

    You may want to validate your coding (http://validator.w3.org/) and CSS (http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/). There's some strange stuff going on in there.

    Congratulations for taking the CSS plunge!


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    TO MUCH WHITE - It looks like there is a bunch of nothing on the page untill you scroll down, but that could just be a coding error. I don't like the cross hairs, a arrow is just fine. I see that when you click on a link that something is added to that white space, but you should still add something there when there isn't anything in that white space, basically the home page is very borring, and doesnt make me think that you are a "Professional WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY". There isn't many images for you site, not even a logo.

    This part on the top right of the page:
    Web Development Forum :: The Web Directory - Directory || Feeds - Blog

    is inside the light blue, and the darker blue background colors, my guess is that it sould be in the light blue one, so put it there because it is too hard to read when it isn'. I need to highlight the text to read it.

    The dark blue area, at the top of the page, extends pass the page boundries about half an inch, you should fix that.
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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    the layout on my resolution 1280x1024 is completely off alignment... your columns are out of proportions this could be because you tried using variable widths with fixed. also the page is very long as a result of that.

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    I agree to the little guy, I thought it was an empty space until I scroll down and saw the content... The banner at the top is soo boring maybe you should add some graphics or anything...

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    Hi -
    I have to third the "too much whitespace" response -
    there's a blurb, then a bunch of nothing, then what
    appears to be a content header image, then a whole
    lotta text - with no link to the top of the page.
    [Oops! There does seem to be one page w/ top links -
    many, many of them.]

    Do like the color choices, general layout [other than
    the above,] and the font choices/sizes - but why does
    Times appear when Verdana seems the dominant font?

    Too much info. and not enough consistency
    betw. the page layouts, in general - but a good start,
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