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Thread: passing information to a form on another website

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    passing information to a form on another website

    I have a question on passing information from a form on my webpage to a form on another webpage that I have no design control over...

    Here is the background story...

    I am the president of a student club at my university and we are working to develop a way for our visitors to donate money to us through our school's donation page.

    Our school's website has a form that allows for people to donate with a credit card, but in order for the money to end up in our hands we need the form to be filled out in a way that may not be so obvious to visitors.

    This is what I would like to do...

    On our website I can include whatever cgi and forms needed to configure a hyperlink (or any other solution) to connect with the schools form.
    What I would like to see when the user submits that information is a link to the school's donation form with it filled out in the way we need.

    there are two things that need to be configured on the schools donation form:
    1) a select box for the proper category of donation (there are hundreds of options)
    2) a text box that contains a string like so "OUR_CLUB_NAME - Donation on behalf of CLUB_MEMBER"
    the rest of the information (such as name and credit card information can be filled out on the schools form)

    On our site I would like to have a form that simply has one field for a user to enter the CLUB_MEMBER name and a Procede button that moves to the school's donation form with these two categories filled out properly.

    I would envision code on our website that creates something like: https://PathToSchoolForm?????formname?????field1=value1...

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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    As the school form is probably not set up to read values passed to it you probably can't do what you want without getting them to change the form.

    What you can do is to make a copy of the entire form and add their domain name into the front of the action field on the form tag. You can then customize your copy of the form as required and it will submit directly to their form processor. Assuming that the processor doesn't check that the form was on their site it will work just as if the person filled out their form.

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